Monday, November 21, 2011

What's Hot, What's Not and Why? Workshop

What's Hot, What's Not and Why?  
with Jaya Sharma
Tuesday, November 22 2011, 6-9 pm
Abadi Art Space, F213/A First Floor, Lado Sarai, New Delhi
As people who challenge mainstream society's norms related to gender and sexuality, this workshop will provide an opportunity for us to interrogate our own notions of whats 'ok' and what's 'no way', what's 'hot' and what's 'yuck', in other words norms that we ourselves might or might not subscribe to. We know that its not just the 'big. bad 'society 'out there' that has and enforces notions of right and wrong, we all do and there are also reasons why we might have such notions - reasons which are not merely personal, but also social. There is a need to continuously reflect on our own ideas related to sexuality in order that we may be able to broaden our horizons and realm of possibilities and also so that those who are seen to be challenging our norms are not stigmatized by us.Three such themes that the workshop will be addressing are promiscuity, bisexuality and kink/Bondage, Domination, Sado Masochism. The workshop will be interactive in nature, triggered by sexy questions guaranteed to make you tingle.
Workshops are free and open to all!
If you want to participate, please write to us at or call 9654979742 to register.

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